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You're 10 years or less from retiring or taking your money. You are starting to think about what your life will look like in the future. There are a few key things you should think about now to make sure your plans are on track.

  • When you intend to take your money and how long your savings need to last
  • How much you have in your pot, and whether you need to make additional contributions to ensure you'll have enough
  • How you want to receive your pension income or lump sums
  • Whether your investment choices are right for how you want to take your money

You should take the time to carefully review the options available to you so you've got time to make adjustments if you need to.

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How long your savings will need to last

Your pension savings may need to last longer than you think.

woman shopping

How much you've saved

You should think about what your income will be at your chosen retirement age and how long it will need to last.

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Your options from age 55

You have the flexibility to decide when and how to use your savings.

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Investing as you approach retirement

The things to think about when it comes to investing your pension savings in the years leading up to retirement.

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