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Your investment options

Members of this pension plan can invest their pension savings in either:

1. An investment fund
A fund can invest in a range of things such as property, shares, bonds and cash. It is run by a fund manager whose job is to ensure that the objectives of the fund are being met on behalf of the investors.

If you select one of our Pathway Funds, you will also be choosing a fund that adjusts the way your savings are invested as you get closer to your target retirement date and beyond. For more information see our Guide to Pathway Funds .

2. A lifestyle profile
This is an investment strategy that automatically adjusts where your pension pot is invested as you approach your selected retirement age. A typical lifestyle profile is designed to offer the potential for growth in the long term but as you get closer to retirement, your money is gradually moved into funds that are more stable. The investment strategy can also be aligned to your plans in terms of how you intend to use your pension savings in retirement.

To find out more about funds, including our Pathway Funds, and lifestyle profiles and how they work, please see Your guide to investing .

Before you make any investment decisions, make sure you understand what investment risk is and how you feel about it.

Your funds and lifestyle profiles

For the funds and lifestyle profiles available to you register or log in to Manage Your Account.

Balancing risk and reward

It's important to understand the relationship between risk and reward and what it means to you.

Making your own investment choices

Some of the things you should be thinking about when making your own choices.

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