Young boy in the garden playing with his dog

Brits 'spending big' on family pets

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Brits continue to spend big on their pets, with new research confirming the UK as a nation of animal lovers.

older lady having her blood pressure taken

Older people 'face care pressures'

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The care system will face further pressure in the coming years, a new report has warned, offering a wake-up call to the UK’s retirees.

Dad helping his daughter put her shoes on.

Teach your kids the value of money

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What financial pearls of wisdom will you pass on to your kids?

children on the roof of a house

Homeowners handed flooding support

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More than 100,000 homeowners are to be given “peace of mind” following the restoration of flood protection measures.

Pension customer with confused expression

Pension savers keen to secure face-to-face advice

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When seeking financial guidance about their retirement options, Brits are keen to secure tips from qualified experts, new data shows.

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What would you say to your younger self?

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