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Could your relatives offer helpful financial advice

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Our older relatives can offer us a trusted source of wisdom, providing advice on everything from savings through to mortgages and marriage.

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Supporting children in a second marriage

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If you have been through a divorce, the decision to remarry is not one you will want to take lightly.

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Get ready for the Chancellor’s pensions shake-up

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With the Chancellor promising more freedom over how we use our pension savings, what benefits and risks will we need to be aware of?


Wake up to the dangers of flooding

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As heavy rain and gales hit the UK, how prepared are you to deal with the risks posed by flooding?

Raising children is an expensive business

Raising children is an expensive business

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Bringing up our children is perhaps the most rewarding experience of our lives. Watching them grow from infant to young adult fills us with an immense sense of pride – but it also takes a heavy toll on our wallets.

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Shelter wins award for its plan for a new garden city

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We're delighted that Shelter's proposal for a new garden city, which we helped them develop, has been awarded a £50,000 runners-up prize as a finalist in the 2014 Wolfson Economics Prize.

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Taking a 'socially responsible' leadership position

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In our industry, as a company, we must act as a catalyst for economic improvement that benefits society at large. We don't believe in corporate social responsibility (CSR) being tucked away.

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Supporting the Elderly Accommodation Awards

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We're helping elderly people voice their opinions about the quality of accommodation on offer to them.

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Readdressing the UK's housing shortage

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We've invested c.£500 million in social housing in just over 18 months, as part of our commitment to the housing and infrastructure needs of the UK.

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Social investment opportunities growing in the UK

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Together with Charities Aid Foundation we have funded a range of successful social enterprises - including ethical supermarket Hisbe.

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New Parent?

Congratulations! Becoming a parent is one of life's amazing experiences. We understand it's a busy time, so we'd like to give you a helping hand with free life cover for a year.

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What would you say to your younger self?

It might be about preparing for the unthinkable. It isn't easy to talk about, but it makes sense to think how your family would cope financially without you. Help protect their future today.

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