Confused by Trusts? Your questions answered.

Who is the Beneficiary?

The beneficiary is the person or people that you would like to receive the money from a claim on your policy. You can specify the beneficiary on our trust forms. 

Who is a Trustee?

The trustees are people you appoint to be the legal owners of your policy. The trustees will inform us of any claim and receive the money payable and then pass it to the beneficiaries. You will automatically be a trustee on your trust.

Who is the Settlor?

The settlor is you, assuming that you own the policy. Where the Absolute Trust Deed is used, you are called the Donor.

What Trust forms are available?
Our Your Trust Choices (PDF: 237KB) compares the different forms that are available.
Completing the Trust forms

For help in completing the forms please read the Your Trust Choices (PDF: 237KB) and then the relevant guide.

A few key points to be aware of are:

  • The trust must be dated. More details are given in the margin notes of the trust forms.
  • It must be clear from the trust form which policy or policies you want to place in trust (see the Schedule on page 9 or 8 if using the Absolute trust form).
  • The additional trustees must sign the trust on the next page after you've signed.
  • You cannot benefit from these trusts (with the possible exception of any critical illness or terminal illness benefits the policy may have. See the relevant guide for further information).
Can I ever cancel the Trust?

Once the trust has been set up, it cannot usually be brought to an end before it's served it's purpose. It's important that you're sure our trust deeds are suitable for you before you complete them.

Can I use one of the trust forms for my Over 50s Plan?

If you have a Over 50s Fixed Plan or Over 50s Increasing Plan, you can use these trust forms. If you have a Funeral Plan please contact Dignity on 0800 151 3789. Call charges will vary and Dignity may record and monitor calls.

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