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What policies can I renew on the Digital Broker Platform?

Group Life Assurance and Group Income Protection policies insuring between 10 and 250 employees.

There may instances where policies meeting this criteria cannot be renewed online, if you require more details, please contact us.

Where can I see policies from my portfolio?

Once you’ve logged on, you’ll arrive on the Digital Broker Platform dashboard, click on the words ‘Online renewals’ in the top right hand corner of the screen. This will take you to a list of all your eligible policies. This will take you to a list of your policies that are eligible with our online criteria.


When can I renew a policy online?

Policies that meet our online criteria can be renewed from their annual renewal date onwards.

Can I renew policies that were not originally bought online?

Yes, policies arranged offline that meet the criteria, can be renewed online too.

Why can I not see a policy and renew it?

Only policies that are compatible with the criteria of our Digital Broker Platform will be viewable. Sometimes, changes made to a policy may impact its compatibility.

Where can I find the renewal documents?

You can view and download the documents after you complete an online renewal. To return to these documents, click on ‘Online Renewals' at the top right hand of the dashboard.

What information about each member do I need to supply at renewal?

For each member , we’ll need their gender, first name, last name, date of birth, job title, scheme earnings, work postcode and the category they are included in.

Can I renew online if the policy includes medically underwritten employees?

Yes, our system will look to match the data uploaded with our medical underwriting records.


What happens if the insured employee data totals have changed by more than 25% since the Unit Rate was set?

Digital Broker Platform will check the renewal totals against the Unit Rate guarantee terms. If the totals have changed by more than 25%, the renewal will not proceed, we will usually need to review the Unit Rate.

The platform will save the information you’ve provided, and we’ll contact you about the Unit Rate review.