Employee Assistance Programme

Free Employee Assistance Programme services with all our Group Protection products.

We provide access to a comprehensive employee assistance programme to all our customers at no extra cost. It's a valuable business benefit supporting their managers and employees.

Our EAP is provided by Health Assured. We believe EAP can help towards reducing the impact of absence and improve workplace productivity as employees have access to support and tools whilst they're at work. It offers your clients a real employee benefit at no extra cost.

The range of benefits in our EAP includes:

Telephone based support

  • For all staff, including those not covered by the policy
  • Telephone counselling, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), telephone based bereavement counselling, immediate crisis intervention, manager support, legal information service, medical information, specialist advice

Online support

  • Access to factsheets, guides, links and podcasts

Structured counselling

  • Only available with our Group Income Protection policy
  • Available to all employees, including those not covered by our Group Income Protection policy
  • Up to five free counselling sessions where appropriate. Depending on suitability, this could be provided online, face-to-face or over the phone.

Face-to-face bereavement counselling

  • Up to five free face-to-face counselling sessions
  • Available to the immediate family of the deceased employee covered by our Group Life Assurance and Dependants' Pension policy
  • Help and support to deal with grief, feelings of loss or anxiety as well as advice on practical concerns

Download a copy of our PDF file: Employee Assistance Programme brochure PDF size: 199KB for more information on all the benefits available.