Multinational pooling and captive fronting

We’ve teamed up with Allianz Global Benefits to offer multinational pooling and captive fronting solutions for your international clients. 

Multinational Pooling

We're a UK member of the Allianz Global Benefits multinational pooling network, giving international employers the chance to benefit from a pooling arrangement.

What is multinational pooling?

Multinational pooling gives companies with overseas operations the opportunity of pooling their employee benefits insurance through a worldwide network of insurers.

How does it work?

Allianz Global Benefits add insured group protection contracts from two or more countries into a pool, for a combined premium and claims experience. The multinational employer could receive a dividend if the value of all premiums exceeds the value of all claims and expenses from the pooled contracts.

Benefits of multinational pooling

  • Clients benefit from the expertise from a local insurer with understanding of terms and conditions, helps with administration and claims settlement
  • Annual reports giving an overview on pooled contracts
  • Money back from the pool if its overall experience is good enough

Different pooling options available

Allianz Global Benefits offer various solutions for different sized employers. These could help limit or stop pool losses being carried forward to future multinational pool accounts.

Next steps

Multinational pooling gives you the opportunity to speak to your clients about their international risk benefits.

Let us know if your client is already in a multinational pooling arrangement, and we'll allow for this in our quote. If they aren't in a pooling arrangement and have subsidiaries abroad, we can help explain the benefits. In partnership with Allianz Global Benefits, we’ll help make sure the multinational pooling set-up runs smoothly.

Captive Fronting

What is captive fronting?

A captive is an insurance company set up by a large employer who self-insures their group protection benefits. Captive fronting is typically where a separate insurance company helps manage the risks for the captive.

How does it work?

Allianz Global Benefits work with the captive to provide a solution that will help manage their risks more effectively and efficiently.

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