The need for good quality affordable housing provision in the UK is fundamental to the creation of a flourishing society. We seek to increase the supply of affordable housing by investing long-term institutional capital into the affordable housing sector to build more affordable flats and houses and provide safe and comfortable homes for those who need them most. 

Over 1.3 million householders1 are on local authority housing waiting lists across the UK. In 2017 only c. 30,000 new affordable homes entered the housing market.

Through collaboration with developers, housing associations and public sector bodies across the country, we are funding new affordable homes bringing volume institutional capital to the affordable housing sector. Our development and management platform provides the sector with increased development output and assurance of the highest quality experience for our customers. 


Good quality affordable housing provision offers those most in need with a safe and comfortable place to call home. It provides a platform to meet their personal ambitions whilst helping them to make best use of the support that the government and wider society can deliver. 

Affordable housing benefits not just those who live in these homes but also the wider community. A lack of affordable housing has a direct impact on the ability of employers to recruit the diversified labour needed to run a well-functioning society and modern economy.