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About us

Established in 1836, we are a leading financial services group and major global investor, safeguarding people's financial futures around the world.

For everyone’s brighter tomorrow

We’re committed to setting up a better future for our individual customers and the society in which we live.

We’ve made it our business to build a stronger, more positive society by making a genuine societal and environmental impact that really lasts and keep proving – that good beyond business is good for business, especially when the outcome is brighter for everyone.

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How we do business

We do business in a way that puts society first. Where profit and purpose pull in the same direction. Long-term ambition beats short-sighted gain. And the needs of our customers, their communities and our society go hand-in-hand with the expectations of our shareholders.

We call it ‘Inclusive Capitalism’. Because everyone’s invited to share in its success.

Our purpose

Watch our video to find out more about our purpose and how we use Inclusive Capitalism to use capital for good.

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We have a decade to prevent catastrophic climate change so our journey to net zero is our most critical commitment.

We are also committed to investing in new infrastructure to benefit society and running our business responsibly for our people and our customers.

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Our history

In June 1836, six lawyers founded Legal & General and our aim to build a better society has been present for as long as we have.

Today we help over 10 million people with savings, retirement and life insurance.

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Rebuilding Britain Index (RBI)

The RBI was established to measure the UK’s progress in levelling up on a quarterly basis, surveying 20,000 people and tracking social and economic progress across 52 measures, including Health and Social Care, Education, Housing, Jobs & Economic Prosperity, Environment, Energy, Transport and Digital.

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Map of our UK investments

We are reshaping Britain's towns and cities. From the delivery of diversified homes, to the regeneration of cities, we use our investments to build better futures.

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Work with us

Regardless of your area of expertise, joining Legal & General is the beginning to a future that will be anything but familiar.

So, take a closer look, get involved, be curious and find out how we will enable you to be at your best no matter who you are.