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Income protection insurance

Insurance that works while you can't.

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How would you pay your bills if you couldn't work?

For most of us, being unable to work for medical reasons would present a serious financial challenge. What would happen to you or your loved ones if you couldn’t work due to illness or injury which resulted in a loss of earnings? How would you cover your outstanding bills like rent, mortgage or other living costs.

Income protection insurance can give you the peace of mind you deserve. A loss of earnings could have a real financial impact on any family’s lifestyle, and income protection insurance is designed to meet the needs of people who want to protect against this, by paying out a regular monthly amount.

Income Protection Benefit

If you need advice or a wider range of policy options, our Income Protection Benefit is available through our team of expert financial advisers.

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It would take the average UK earner 10 years to save their gross annual income*. So we can't all rely on savings if we found ourselves unable to work.

What you'll get with Income Protection Insurance

  • Regular monthly benefit if you can't work due to incapacity caused by an illness, or an injury which results in a loss of earnings
  • Guaranteed premiums unless you make any changes to your plan or if you choose our Increasing Income Protection Benefit plan
  • Support with our return to work Rehabilitation Support Service
  • Flexibility to make changes such as the benefit amount (eligibility criteria applies)
  • Wellbeing Support. We've partnered with RedArc Assured Limited whose registered nurses provide a wide range of phone-based wellbeing services. Find out more.
  • Care Concierge Free access to our team of Care Experts, this confidential and impartial telephone advisory service can help you or loved ones understand and find later life care. Find out more.

How our income protection insurance works

Income Protection Benefit

Flexible income protection that helps cover loss of earnings. 

  • Pays out after a waiting period of 4, 8, 13, 26 or 52 weeks. Pay outs are monthly in arrears
  • Covers up to 60% of your gross annual income, up to £60,000 a year. Then 50% of your gross annual income over £60,000 a year
  • Cover lasts until your chosen retirement age, but you can cancel at any time without charge
  • You'll receive the monthly benefit until you return to work or your policy ends
  • Pay outs are tax free, but could affect a claim for state benefits

This policy does not include unemployment cover so will not pay out if you become unemployed and it is not a savings or investment plan and has no cash value unless a valid claim is made.

Get advice

Income Protection Benefit is available from our expert advisers. They can:

  • Help if you are unsure about the protection you need.
  • Make recommendations for protection to suit your personal circumstances.
  • Help you make your application.

Call our team for advice on 0808 303 3552 to talk through your options and to receive a personalised quote to fit your needs.

Financial resilience

The average household is just 19 days from the breadline, far shorter than the 60 days they believe - *Legal & General research

39% stat

39% of people interviewed are concerned of getting a serious long-term chronic illness, while 8 in 10 are concerned about at least one issue affecting ability to work

Average household has less than £3000 in savings

The average UK household has £2,431 in savings, but they need around £12k in savings to feel secure.

2 in 5

2 in 5 households have less than £1,000 in savings. In fact 1 in 5 have no savings at all.

Income Protection Benefit FAQs

The cover is designed for those who want comprehensive cover with a choice of options to help protect against a loss of income, if unable to work due to incapacity caused by illness or injury, while covered by the plan. 

You can’t be unemployed when taking out the policy. You need to work 16 or more hours per week.

Income Protection Benefit is not unemployment cover so it won’t pay out due to being made unemployed. If you become unemployed whilst you have the policy you can still claim, if you become ill or injured, so long as you’ve continued to pay for the policy after becoming unemployed.

The maximum payout you can receive is determined on 60% of gross income, up to £60,000 a year. Then 50% of your gross annual income over £60,000 a year. 

If you need to claim we'll calculate the maximum monthly benefit at claim based on your earnings immediately before you were incapacitated.

It's important you contact us as soon as possible when you need to make a claim, as it can take time to gather all the information we need and we want to avoid any delays to your benefit being paid.

Please call our claims team as soon as you know you’re going to be off work for 4 weeks or more, and depending on the waiting period chosen no later than 2 weeks of being off work so that the waiting period is not deemed to have started later. Our team will discuss your illness or injury, send you a claim form so you can fill out your medical information and give us details about your illness or injury.

We’ll also request your financial information and details relating to your work. Your claim will be assessed and monthly payout will start if the claim is valid. We may refer you to our Rehabilitation Support Service to help with your recovery if appropriate.

Ready to get an Income Protection Benefit quote?

Call our team for no obligation advice on 0800 294 0275 to talk through your options and to receive a personalised quote to fit your needs.

What is Wellbeing Support?

The wellbeing of our customers is extremely important to us and that’s where Wellbeing Support comes in. We’ve partnered with RedArc Assured Limited, whose registered nurses can provide you with a wide range of wellbeing services. Here's some quick facts about our Wellbeing Support.

Support and help from a dedicated nurse can range from a reassuring chat, information, advice and guidance, to a clinical assessment and organising additional services.

You don’t need to make a claim on your policy to get the help you need, you can get in touch with your nurse directly. 

For you, your partner and children living at home.

Take a look at our dedicated Wellbeing Support hub and find out more.

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Ready to get an Income Protection Benefit quote?

Call our team for no obligation advice on 0800 294 0275 to talk through your options and to receive a personalised quote to fit your needs.