My Healthy Advantage app revitalised

Employers looking to engage their staff with their wellbeing programmes will now be able benefit from the latest enchantment to our smartphone app.

In conjunction with award-winning Employee Assistance Provider Health Assured, we are excited to release the latest version of our ‘My Healthy Advantage’ app offering a variety of bespoke wellbeing features aimed at supporting employees mental and physical health.

Some of the new and enhanced features of the app includes:

  • A health hub complete with health trackers that supports user health goals, for example amount of steps per day, water intake, and a weight, sleep and quit smoking tracker.
  • Achievements that reward users for smashing their wellbeing goals and participation with the app’s interactive features.
  • Mood tracker monitoring that allows users to track their general, physical and financial wellbeing for the previous five weeks.
  • Navigation improvements for a better overall user experience

These enhancements will add to the already wealth of features available on the app, including mini health checks for body mass index, sleeping patterns and alcohol consumption.

As part of the ‘My Healthy Advantage’ app user will be able to access a range of four-week plans aimed at improving employee health by focusing on areas such as quitting smoking, losing weight and coping with pressure.

These updates come as part of Legal & General’s work in providing comprehensive rehabilitation services that not only facilitate a faster return to work, but also have preventative benefits by helping employees with physical and mental health illnesses to access treatment quickly, reducing the risk of a long term absence.

My Healthy Advantage is there to act as that extra helping hand for employees to allow better control over their wellbeing. The enhancements will provide our customers with even more benefits, promoting a healthier and happier lifestyle to reduce risk of an illness or injury, and to help support a faster and more sustainable return to work.

‘My Healthy Advantage’ is a smartphone app that is available to Group Protection customers and their immediate family members as part of our Employee Assistance Programme. Its available from the App store and Google Play today

My Healthy Advantage on the App store

My Healthy Advantage on Google Play

To access the mobile app, you'll initially need to enter a code. If your employer is our Group Income Protection (GIP) customer, you should enter: workhealth, otherwise, you should enter: worklife. Where your employer is a customer for a combination of our products that includes GIP, the code is: workhealth.