Enhanced income

If you've been diagnosed with one or more lifestyle health risks or medical conditions, we may be able to offer you enhanced income on our Pension Annuity. This could mean you get extra income each year.

If you qualify for enhanced income, you'll have the same options as you would from our standard Pension Annuity.

Find out if you could qualify

We consider medical conditions as well as common lifestyle health risks for our enhanced income. You could qualify if you're a smoker, have been diagnosed with high blood pressure, or have serious medical condition(s). It's important to ensure any medical and lifestyle information you give us is both accurate and complete, so we can pay you the maximum income you're entitled to.

  • You can complete information about your medical conditions and lifestyle health risks when getting a quote online.
  • Alternatively, you can call us for a quote and complete these details over the phone. This usually takes about 30 minutes.
  • We could also send you a lifestyle questionnaire for you to complete at home and send back to us.


  • Different annuity providers have different qualifying criteria for their enhanced income, so you should get quotes from as many different providers as possible. If one provider doesn't offer you an enhancement, you shouldn't assume that will be the case for all providers. Some providers may ignore medical and lifestyle factors that other providers will take into account.
  • The income we offer you will be based on any lifestyle health risks or medical conditions at the time you buy your annuity, and we won't be able to offer you more income at a later date if your health deteriorates or your conditions change.
  • It's important to give us accurate answers to lifestyle health risks and medical questions, to ensure that you're paid the right income. We may request a report from your doctor and if this doesn't support the information you've given us, your income may be reduced and you would receive our standard annuity income. We'll then recover any overpaid amounts from you.

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