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Managing your savings in uncertain times

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Getting on with life in a changeable world

Whatever's going on in your world right now, it's important to remember that your workplace pension is a key part of planning for your financial future.

Over the last few years, we've seen uncertainty in financial markets caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, invasion of Ukraine and the rising costs of goods and services. This has led to volatile market conditions. However, history shows that markets do recover from all sorts of circumstances. It’s important to not make rash financial decisions in the heat of the moment about long-term investments.

At Legal & General, we're in your corner and you can be sure that our fund managers are continuing to work with their teams of economists, strategists and analysts to expertly manage your savings. Meanwhile, if you feel you'd also benefit from professional financial advice in these changeable times, you can find an adviser local to you at Advisers usually charge for their services.

The Russia/Ukraine conflict has contributed to a significant movement in share prices and other investments.

Information on updating your beneficiaries, protecting your pension savings and more.

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The pandemic has been challenging for business. Learn more about your rights if you’re facing redundancy.

Understand how your pension is invested and what to consider during times of market uncertainty.

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