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Pace - The Co-op pension scheme

Start paying AVCs

You must be a member of Pace DC to make additional voluntary contributions* (AVCs). Please refer to the Pace Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs) fact sheet for more information. This form is used to set up regular four weekly AVC payments.

If you would like to pay a one off lump sum contribution, you must contact the Co-op Pensions Department on 0330 606 1000, or email

If you wish to change your existing regular AVCs, please use change or stop paying AVCs form.

Please note: The amount that you enter in the box below will be the regular AVC that will be deducted from your salary each four weekly pay period.

*Contributions will not be taken via NICE pensions.

It is your responsibility to check that by making AVCs, this doesn't take you over the annual allowance limit. Details can be found in the Pension Tax Rules factsheet.

If you choose not to invest in the lifestyle fund, and want to split your investment instead, please select the option(s) you'd like to invest in below by entering a percentage next to each one you choose. You can select up to 6 investment options. The total of all percentages must equal 100%.

Employees of the Co-operative Bank plc should not complete this form. There is a separate form available for Bank employees on the Bank intranet and on the Bank's own pensions website.

If you have any questions please contact the Pace helpline on 0345 026 8689.

Please complete an 'online signature' by entering your full name in the box below before submitting this form.