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Your M&S Pension Saving Plan

Stop contributing to the plan

Important information:

Please complete this form if you are currently a member of Your M&S Pension Saving Plan and wish to stop all contributions to the Plan.

You may like to have your payslip to hand as it will include your National Insurance Number and your employee number which you will need to proceed.

Please complete this form if you already a member of Your M&S Pension Saving Plan and wish to stop all contributions to the plan. If you have recently received a letter telling you you're being enrolled into the plan and you don't want to be, please follow the process given in that letter - do not complete this form.

Please indicate below that you wish to stop contributing to Your M&S Pension Saving Plan. Changes will be made at the next available payroll date and this may take up to 30 days to process.*

If you stop your regular contributions:

  • M&S will also stop paying in.
  • it could impact your retirement plans. Please use the retirement planning tool and to see how this might affect you.
  • you can restart your contributions at any time.
  • M&S may re-enrol you into the scheme in the future, in line with Auto Enrolment regulations.

You can choose to join the Plan again at any time by completing an application to join the plan form.

If you have any questions about your Plan please call the Your M&S Pension Saving Plan helpline on 0345 026 7579

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