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Wide range of funds.

Access to a wide range of funds from different fund managers available to your clients across our Portfolio Bond and Portfolio Plus Pension range. Plenty of choice to create a portfolio tailored for your clients' needs.



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Daily unit prices and charges.

We can give you up to date daily unit prices, fund charges and expenses.
Pension fund daily unit prices and charges
Investment fund daily unit prices and charges

Funds centre.

Putting fund choice at the heart of what we do

At Legal & General, we want to help you deliver the right answers for your clients and your business.

You'd expect our investment range to cover the asset classes, strategies, and risk profiles that you need. You'd expect us to be proud of our own funds but also to give you the choice of third party funds as well. You'd also expect us to review what we offer frequently to make sure it's fit for purpose.

We're proud of what we do for you. If we don't meet your expectations, please let your usual Legal & General contact know and they will respond.

The right portfolio for your clients

We offer a diverse range of funds, spanning all the major asset classes from a wide choice of fund managers - so you can choose a suitable portfolio for your clients.

Use our comprehensive A-Z of funds to filter your selection by various categories so you can quickly get to what you need.

  • Choose by product, fund management company and/or sector.
  • See what funds each of our products offer.
  • Search by fund manager.
  • View adviser facing fund factsheets.

The products we offer

For full details of our products and the funds they can access, please visit Pensions and Investments.

Group products

If you want fund or product information on our group products please go to our Workplace Benefits site.