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We have a diverse range of pension solutions designed to cater for all your clients' needs.

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WorkSave Pension Plan

A contract based pension with a wide choice of investment options, including a self-investment option.

WorkSave Pension Mastertrust

Our multi-employer workplace pension scheme written under trust without the responsibility of running a trustee board.

Investment zone

Fund factsheets, lifestyle profiles, target date funds (our Pathway funds) and member-facing investment guides.

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Facilitated adviser charging for workplace pensions

Following the introduction of facilitated adviser charging for our WorkSave Pension Plan in 2017, we’re now pleased to extend this facility to our WorkSave Buy-Out Plan and Mastertrust. The facility is also now available as an option for other trust-based schemes.

Important changes to terms and conditions

We’ve recently reviewed our terms and conditions for the WorkSave Pension Plan to ensure that they fully reflect the way our product works and the options available to members. We’ve also re-written them to make them clearer and easier to understand.

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