Workplace pensions

We have a diverse range of pension solutions designed to cater for all your clients' needs.

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WorkSave Pension Plan

A contract based pension with a wide choice of investment options, including a self-investment option.

WorkSave Pension Mastertrust

Our multi-employer workplace pension scheme written under trust without the responsibility of running a trustee board.

Investment zone

Fund factsheets, lifestyle profiles, target date funds (our Pathway funds) and member-facing investment guides.

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We’ve launched our financial wellbeing hub

We want to help members feel better about their finances. We believe that if we can enable people to be financially engaged now, we can put them on a path to future financial happiness with the resources to enjoy whatever their future may hold. So we’re delighted to announce we’ve now launched our online financial wellbeing hub.

Here’s to a future full of Saturdays

As a defined contribution pension provider with 2.7m members, we want to help enable our members to be financially engaged now, so we can put them on a path to future financial happiness. That’s why we’re developing an online financial wellbeing hub to deliver helpful and meaningful financial support to all members.

Scottish rate of income tax

The new Scottish rates of income tax came into effect on 6 April 2018. The changes we needed to make in order to implement these new rates cover three main areas: Notification of residency, the Scottish tax rate and threshold changes, and relief at source.