We’re rewarding customers who are using part, or all, of their Legal & General later life mortgage to make qualifying energy efficient home improvements.

Our Energy Saver Cashback offer

If your clients choose to use their mortgage to make energy efficient home improvements, we’ll provide 10% cashback on the total cost up to £1,000 for an initial advance or up to £200 on a lifetime mortgage drawdown.



This offer is available to Legal & General later life mortgage customers across England, Scotland and Wales. The customer must claim the cashback within 12 months of completion of their mortgage. For lifetime mortgage drawdowns, the offer can only be claimed up to maximum of three times.

We'll include details of the Energy Saver Cashback offer within the application pack. This will include a guide providing further information on qualifying works and how to take advantage of the offer. 

You can also find a copy of the guides below, which you can share with your client if they're considering using their mortgage to make home improvements.

  • Double glazing on new or replacement windows and doors
  • Solar panels
  • Wood infused boilers
  • Draught stripping
  • And more!

A full list on eligible improvements can be found within our updated client guides.

Energy Saver Cashback - Initial Advance Guide PDF: 487KB

Energy Saver Cashback - Drawdown Guide PDF: 867KB

Clients will no longer be asked to register their interest. Once the work’s completed within 12 months of their loan taking place, clients will be asked to provide us with an invoice on letterheaded paper, setting out the works completed and the cost and date of completion. This can be shared via email or post, full details are located within the guide.