Our approach to retirement has changed; we're enjoying longer life expectancies and our expectations of this time has shifted considerably. It’s no wonder more people are considering property wealth as a tool to fund their retirement. After all, there could be more equity in their homes than cash in their pension pots. 

While your clients may find the thought of releasing money from a home they’ve worked hard to own daunting, it doesn’t have to be. A lifetime mortgage is a form of equity release that gives your clients the flexibility and choice to access cash in later life. Nevertheless, a lifetime mortgage is a big financial decision and myths still exist about how they work. 

To understand the hesitations people may have, we asked a number of 55 to 75 year olds about some common misconceptions.



"I won’t own my own home anymore.”

Fact: Having a lifetime mortgage doesn't mean your client is selling their home to the lender, they retain full ownership of their property. It’s a loan secured against their home that will be repaid when the last remaining borrower dies or moves out of the home and into long term care.


“I’ll end up paying more than the value of my own home – my children will inherit my debt.”

Fact: Most lifetime mortgages are protected by the Equity Release Council’s ‘no negative equity’ guarantee; your client, or their estate, will never owe more than the value of their own home. This means they'll never have to pay back more than the amount their property is sold for. Subject to terms and conditions.


“I already have an outstanding mortgage – I can’t release equity.”

Fact: Even if your client has an outstanding residential mortgage, they can still release equity – providing they use the lifetime mortgage to repay the residential mortgage first. This is dependent on the equity available and the terms and conditions of the mortgage.

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