The cost-of-living crisis is impacting millions of people in the UK, with families and businesses feeling the squeeze.

With less disposable income, the importance of protection is more significant than ever, meaning you will be having some difficult conversations with your clients about the role protection plays.

From protecting their income to safeguarding their financial future, in this situation, keeping protection policies in place wherever possible is vital.

We have also created some useful content for your clients

We caught up with founders of Bates Wilcox, Natalie and Charlotte in our recent podcast to discuss the important of retention.

Understanding the resilience of UK households

The average working household is only 19 days from the breadline and once they have covered basic costs like rent or mortgage payments, utilities, and food, the average household has £700 left to cover everything else. This includes essential costs they may have to cover such as fuel, mobile phone contracts and broadband.

Our 10th anniversary of Deadline to Breadline research explores:

  • How long would it take someone to reach the 'breadline' if they lost their income
  • What's preventing your clients from engaging with their financial plans
  • How client buying behaviours are changing in response to the cost-of-living crisis

Explore Deadline to Breadline and find out more about how the cost of living is impacting your clients.

The importance of protection

These two case studies portray the true value of your advice and how protection can help if the worst should happen. Not only can case studies show your clients the financial support protection offers, but the practical and emotional support it brings too.

Meet Pete

Find out how Pete almost cancelled his policy before an adviser encouraged him to keep it just before his shock diagnosis of a rare form of cancer.

Meet Kelly

When Kelly was diagnosed with Leukaemia, the advice she received from her broker Neil Bohan meant her family could care for her and not worry about paying the bills.