To access our quote and apply system OLP Connect, you’ll need to get set up for online access.

Registration is simple – you just need to fill in your details using our online form. If you have a UNIPASS login, you can link it to your Legal & General agency number so there’s no need to remember your username and password every time you log in.

Introducing a new registration and login system

We have updated our registration and login system for OLPC, the following videos will help you understand the changes:


The improvements include Multi Factor Authentication (MFA), two stage authentication using text or email verification codes to confirm your identity if required; self-service password reset to allow a change of password without having to call us; and enhanced adviser registration processes to register any additional advisers or administrators easily and quickly.

If you are already registered with OLPC next time you login we may request updated personal information and for you to reset your password.

Register for online access to OLP Connect

Register for our online services using your email address, rather than a group address with multiple users.

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Super User access request form

Once the user has been granted their Login Details, the director of your company will need to email us at to confirm.

Please download the template to use when emailing us to ensure the request is processed as efficiently as possible.

Download template PDF size: 178KB

Already have UNIPASS?

If you already have UNIPASS, you'll need to associate your UNIPASS certificate.

Please note, you will need your current user ID or email address and password to be able to do this.



Get in touch

Need more help? You can contact our Adviser Registrations team with your online registration questions on

0370 050 0274


We may record and monitor calls. Call charges will vary.

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