Gives your client quick access to some of the UK’s top specialist consultants and diagnostic test centres, for an extra £4.50 per month.

Private Diagnostics is there when your clients are faced with a potentially serious health problem, by giving them answers and reassurance from the experts as quickly as possible when referred to cardiology, oncology or neurosurgery specialists to investigate symptoms.

Available as an optional add on for life insurance, critical illness cover, income protection and rental protection.


Features and benefits



Fast access to experts

Your client can arrange virtual private consultations with specialists, and in-person diagnostic testing. Process is easily managed via the Trustedoctor portal.

Results in weeks

Diagnostics are available for oncology, cardiology or neurosurgery referrals, with results in a matter of weeks from the day of referral.

Wide range of tests

Non-invasive tests include blood tests, MRI scans, CT scans, x-rays, ultrasound scans and more. Invasive tests include blood tests, biopsies and endoscopies only.

Nationwide access to top specialists

Gives your client access to more than 100 private diagnostic centres in and around the UK’s major cities.

Multiple claims and appointments

Your client can claim for up to three separate primary consultations and follow-up appointments a year. Provided each separate primary virtual consultation is for a different symptom. If a biopsy is required, your client can claim up to four consultations.

Available on our core products

Add Private Diagnostics to your client’s life, critical illness, income protection and rental protection for an additional £4.50 a month, annually renewable.

Private Diagnostics

Private Diagnosis

Access some of the UK’s top consultants and non-invasive diagnostic testing for cardiology, oncology or neurosurgery referrals. Available for an additional £4.50 a month on life insurance, critical illness cover, income protection and rental protection.



More Umbrella Benefits

Wellbeing Support

Access included as standard on protection policies. Personalised practical and emotional telephone support from a registered nurse.



Rehabilitation Support Service

Included as standard with income protection. Supports a quicker return to work, and good physical and mental health.


Fracture Cover

Covers multiple claims a year if your client gets a specified injury.

Available for an additional £5.90 a month on life insurance, critical illness cover, income protection and rental protection up to £4,000 a year.

Care Concierge

A free telephone service which gives your client and their family access to later life care experts.

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Key details

Key details

Available on Joint Life policies

If your client chooses a joint life policy they can add Private Diagnostics for one or both lives insured.

One policy per life insured

Can only be added to one Legal & General policy.


Payable monthly, annually renewable.

Added to personal protection

Can only be added to the policy at the outset.

Can be cancelled at any time

Can be removed from the policy at any time, but can’t be reapplied, or transferred from one product to another.

Making a claim

A claim on Private Diagnostics will not impact the core policy.



If your client needs treatment for any diagnosis, it will need to be carried out by the NHS or private cover your client has.

Tests not arrange by Trustedoctor

Your client will need to cover the cost of any tests not recommended or arranged through Trustedoctor.

Additional expenses

Does not include costs for travel, time off work or accommodation.

Symptoms before policy date

Your client is not covered for any primary virtual consultation where a GP or physician has referred the life insured or child to a neurosurgeon, cardiologist or oncology specialist if symptoms began before the policy start date.

Not available with

Private Diagnostics is not available with:

  • Whole of Life Protection Plan
  • Independent Critical Illness policies
  • Business protection policies

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