We can tailor different elements of our investment proposition to meet your clients’ needs.

We can simplify the investment choice available to scheme members by providing a suggested or restricted range of investment options.

Clients who opt for our WorkSave Pension Plan, and want something that is slightly more tailored than our standard investment proposition, can have their own ‘core fund’ range.

Mastertrust clients who want to offer their members a more bespoke investment range than our standard proposition can create their own shared governance fund  range.

We can also build bespoke investments for your clients, including scheme-specific funds and lifestyle profiles, that can be used as a default, using our investment only platform.

More information on bespoke investment only options below:

Core funds (WorkSave Pension Plan only)

Selecting a core fund range allows your clients to streamline the investment choice for members, making it  easier for them to make their own investment decisions.

Your clients can choose to make this a restricted fund choice, where members can only select the options within the core funds range.

Alternatively, it can be set up as a suggested range of funds, enabling members to access our complete range of funds, should they want to.

Mastertrust (shared governance and sole select)

If a client wants to select our Mastertrust but needs to replicate some existing investment options, or simply wants more flexibility or choice, we can provide them with a more tailored range of investments.

Clients who prefer to leave most of the scheme governance to the trustees but would like to have a choice of defaults, may want to consider our sole select option.

Those clients who want - or need - to create their own range of funds, including having their own scheme-specific default, may be more interested in our shared governance option.

Building bespoke Investment options

We can create a variety of scheme-specific investment options for your clients, including funds and lifestyle profiles.

We can provide the solution for their needs, whether they’re looking for:

  • a new stand-alone default
  • additional investments to support the options under pension freedoms
  • a suite of investments, including scheme-specific funds and lifestyle profiles, designed to support a range of risk profiles and target outcomes

For more information contact your usual Legal & General representative.