“Whatever your stance on climate change, with around 17% of UK emissions coming from our existing housing stock*, as an industry there will be expectations that advisers be fully involved as we tackle this issue. Doing nothing is not an option, either because we will have to get involved through legislation, regulation or lender activity, or more importantly because our customers will demand that we are playing an active role.

There is a lot to consider when buying or renovating a property or even just getting a new mortgage, from new regulations, the housing market itself, building materials, let alone how the current price of energy will impact. To help, we’ve brought together a range of tools and resources to help you support your clients when deciding how to incorporate sustainable energy into their homes, what the requirements are for landlords and how the New Build landscape is being influenced by the green agenda.

We need to start somewhere, we hope this will be of use.” - Kevin Roberts – Director of Mortgage Club, Legal & General

*Department for Energy Security & Net Zero, 2022 UK greenhouse gas emissions provisional figures



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Green Timeline

We've put together some of the key milestone dates in the green calendar to make sure you're always in the know




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Useful Resources

Find out where to get a property's EPC rating, what funding is available for your clients to improve their home and even the difference between a ground and air source heat pump.