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Family and Personal Income Plan.

  • A plan designed to provide a monthly benefit if the client dies or is diagnosed with a critical illness (if this option is chosen) during the length of the plan. It also pays out if the life assured is terminally ill and they meet our definition, at any time during the cover being in place.
  • Can be taken out as joint or single life policy
  • Options available at outset for an additional cost include Waiver of Premium and Indexation
  • Cover can be increased using the Guaranteed Insurability Option (GIO) during the term of the policy without further underwriting
  • Other changes can be made to the policy and will be assessed at the time
  • At claim the client or their representatives can choose to take the monthly benefit as a lump sum, if they prefer
  • This is not a savings or investment product and has no cash value, unless a valid claim is made
  • Further Underwriting information.

Limitations and exclusions apply.

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