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Value of a Parent 2015.

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We’ve been researching the value of a parent for over 30 years. Parents may tend to take their wages into account when deciding on a level of cover, but they often don't consider the unpaid domestic work they do. Our research puts an average insurance value of the unpaid work that a parent does around the home.

Some key findings include:

  • £29,535 – the value of the domestic work a Mum does each year. For Dad's it's £21,601.
  • Parents said they spend on average £2429.96 each year on regular activities, pocket money, entertaining and treats on their children.

This year we have also created an online calculator that can help you work out the financial value of the unpaid tasks your clients carry out as a parents.

Find out the Value of a Mum in your area

Find out the Value of a Dad in your area

The cost of raising children

Our research also looks at the cost of raising children, here are some of the key findings:

  • Parents estimate that on average the day-to-day cost of raising a child to the age of 18 is £123,365
  • When in fact the cost is £184,392! An underestimation over £61,000.
  • The weekly cost of raising a child is £197.
  • Parents, on average don’t expect their children to be financially independent until the age of 22, which is the same age they expect them to leave home.
  • The average parent spends £27.15 on treats and entertainment each which week, but only £4.82 on insurance.

To see more of our research findings, check out our Value of a Parent Infographic  PDF: 692KB  

For Your Clients

Value of a Parent Infographic

Value of a Parent Infographic  PDF: 692KB  

Value of a Parent Client flyer

Value of a Parent - Client Flyer  PDF: 255KB  


Country/Region breakdown

The Value of Parents varies across areas of the UK due to regional pay rates and time spent on chores.

RegionValue of a parent
East Anglia  £25,344
East Midlands  £25,265
London  £26,090
North  £25,864
Northern Ireland  £33,222
North West  £26,503
Scotland  £26,941
South East  £25,731
South West  £25,970
Wales  £30,367
Yorkshire and Humberside  £26,053