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OLP Connect - Helping you work smarter!

OLP Connect is our online protection quote and application system. It gives you the ability to quote, apply and manage all of your protection cases in one user-friendly system. In the latest developments to OLPC we have provided additional functionality, designed to further help you manage your business and provide you with smarter ways of working.

In April 2017 we launched AGENTHUB, which enabled you to see more easily the progress of applications  across each stage of the new business process. Continuing  these enhancements, AGENTHUB, now gives you easier access to information on your customers’ live policies as well. A couple of clicks is all it takes for you to find the information you need.

Combined with our previous enhancements, you now have the ability to generate new business and the flexibility to manage your pipeline applications in one central place.

New for 2017:

  • Event Management:

You may have previously used a system called the Early Warning System, which notifies you of a Direct Debit failure. Now you don’t have to log into a separate system, all the information you need is available in OLPC. The Early Warning System has been renamed Existing Business AGENTHUB.

The Existing Business AGENTHUB will highlight cases where: 

  • A first attempt to collect a premium has failed – a new feature
  • A communication has been sent to your customer as the second attempt has failed
  • A customer has contacted us directly to cancel a policy
  • The policy is about to be cancelled as we’ve not received a response to our communications.

Selecting one of these cases will take you to information on the event itself i.e. reason for the failed collection plus comprehensive policy and contact information. Find out more about these latest changes

  • Live Policy Search:

We’ve introduced a new search facility, called ‘Search Existing Policies’. It allows you to enter either your customer’s name, date of birth or policy number. By entering this information you will have access to a wealth of information on your customer's live protection policies providing you with a snapshot of their current policy statuses.

  • One Click “Ready to Start” link

Are you read to start a policy? We have now introduced a link on the Application Summary which will take you directly to the page where you can enter a start date – simplifying your user journey.

In our latest phase of OLPC improvements, the functionality has remained largely the same; however we have simplified the way you can access your client’s details and case information. These improvements are simply to make your life easier and help you work smarter!

To find out more about these improvements click here to get access to our user guides, or view our video demo that takes you through the enhancements in real time.

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