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OLP Connect is our online protection quote and application system. It gives you the ability to quote, apply and manage all your protection cases on one user-friendly system.

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NEW!  Improving claims outcomes

We’ve made a number of key enhancements to OLP Connect, giving you and your clients a better application and future claims experience. In summary, these changes include:

  • The introduction of new improved medical consent screens at the start of the online application journey  – potentially encouraging your clients to fully disclose all relevant information and helping to speed up the underwriting process if medical information is required.
  • Improving standards with the introduction of a new type of medical report called a Specific Medical Record – helping to further reduce the risk of misrepresentation.
  • Shorter, clearer and more transparent Customer Information and Customer Declaration wording – quicker to read and explain and easier for clients to understand.

We believe in treating customers fairly and this is a great step forward to tackle the issue of misrepresentation and significantly reduce the risk of a claim being declined.

Read our new OLP Connect Guide (PDF: 744KB) which outlines the changes we’ve made to the overall end to end application journey.

Find out more about the changes we’ve made:

New improved medical consent screens

  • Now appear at the start of the application journey helping to encourage your clients to fully disclose all relevant information.
  • We've reviewed existing online wording, made it shorter and more relevant.
  • Capturing medical consent at point of application will help speed up the process for those clients where additional medical information maybe required later in the underwriting process. 
  • Resulting in quicker underwriting decisions – helping you to manage your clients’ expectations.

Improving standards

  • Your client has a choice between SAR and GPR consent.
  • We strongly believe that a SAR is better for the client as we gather more accurate medical information. (for more information we recommend you read our Subject Access Request Frequently Asked Questions PDF:132KB)
  • We will continue to request full medical records via SAR or GPR and in some instances may request a new type of medical report called a Specific Medical Record.
  • We will decide how much medical evidence is to be requested to assess the application.
  • Specific Medical Records are very short and contain more targeted medical information. These will be requested based on information contained within the application.
  • Around one in ten applications will be checked by obtaining information from your clients GP.

Clear and concise customer wording

  • We’ve reviewed existing wording on our OLP Connect Customer Information and Customer Declaration screens.
  • It is now much shorter, transparent and relevant. So it’s quicker for you to explain and easier for clients to understand.
  • Encourages clients to disclose all relevant information.
  • A better experience for you and your clients.

Paying more claims

In 2014 we paid 98.3% of life claims and 92.2% of critical illness claims. By reducing the risk of misrepresentation it will prevent claims being refuted, resulting in:

  • More claims to be paid.
  • Improving customer claims experience and fairer treatment to all customers.
  • Improving public perception - further enhancing the reputation of advisers and the insurance industry as a whole.


“OLPC is by far the most user friendly system we currently use. It’s interactive abilities make the journey easy for our advisers and customers to ensure the quotation and application is as simple as it should be with all providers".
Danny Tyrrell, LIME

“In my opinion, it’s an easy, clear application to complete, the questions aren’t too wordy, it’s great to be able to track outstanding requirements. It’s simple to use, you can see what correspondence has come in and gone out, you can enter existing policy details to help customers cancel existing plans, you can push direct debits to chosen dates. It’s just brilliant and I don’t have a problem with it. It’s the best one out there!”
Michelle Luxton of the Policy Store

OLP Connect gives you greater control and makes it easy for both you and your clients. Read more about the benefits of OLP Connect.