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OLP Connect is our online protection quote and application system. It gives you the ability to quote, apply and manage all your protection cases on one user-friendly system.

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New! Medical Evidence - removal of SARs and introduction of new Patient Health Report.

From 14 March, we will no longer be using a Subject Access Request (SAR) for requesting full medical records on all new applications submitted via OLP Connect.

We have introduced a new paper Patient Health Report (PHR), requested under the Access to Medical Reports Act (AMRA), for obtaining access to client medical information. The use of AMRA consent is in line with industry practice. Our new report will be requested for all new applications, where required, that are submitted from 14 March.

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helping To pay even more claims

Following on from our recent changes in September we’ve made further enhancements to OLP Connect and our application process:

  • Introduction of mandatory doctors details and medical consent
  • Post completion sampling

We feel it’s important to capture consent up front which will encourage your clients to fully disclose all relevant information. It will help speed up the process for those clients where medical information is later required. By improving the accuracy of information provided by your clients, we can offer fairer premiums and pay even more claims. 

Read our OLP Connect Guide (PDF: 170KB) which outlines the changes we’ve made to the overall end to end application journey.

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Doctor’s details and medical consent is now mandatory for every client.

  • Every applicant must now provide us with their doctors details and electronic medical consent.
  • You will not to be able to submit an application without providing both your clients doctors details and medical consent.
  • We will use the consent to contact GPs if medical evidence is needed, without delaying the application process for you or your clients.
  • Capturing consent at point of application will help speed up the process for those clients where medical evidence may be required later in the underwriting process.
  • Resulting in quicker underwriting decisions – helping you to manage your clients’ expectations.

Helping to improve the application and claims experience

  • We may request a medical report from your client’s doctor shortly after policy completion.
  • This enables us to check your client has missed any relevant information on the application form.
  • New or conflicting information may result in your client being offered revised terms or cover could even be withdrawn.
  • If we need to alter the cover we would simply follow the current process for alterations in the same way as any new information received in your clients’ ‘Checking Your Details’ forms.
  • Any policy changes will only affect those clients who do not provide us with accurate information requested at point of application.

Changes we introduced in September 2015.

  • Change to the order and navigation of the Application and Outcome & Apply screens.
  • We introduced new improved medical consent screens to the start of the application journey.
  • Shorter, clearer and more focused wording of the Customer Information and Customer Declaration screens. So it’s quicker for you to explain and easier for clients to understand.
  • The introduction of a new type of medical report called a Specific Medical Record. These are very short and contain more targeted medical information.

Paying more claims

In 2015 we paid 97.9% of life claims and 91.7% of critical illness claims including children's critical illness claims. By reducing the risk of misrepresentation it will prevent claims being refuted, resulting in:

  • More claims to be paid.
  • Improving customer claims experience and fairer treatment to all customers.
  • Improving public perception - further enhancing the reputation of advisers and the insurance industry as a whole.

OLP Connect gives you greater control and makes it easy for both you and your clients. Read more about the benefits of OLP Connect.

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