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OLP Connect - Making your life easier.

OLP Connect is our online protection quote and application system. It gives you the ability to quote, apply and manage all of your protection cases in one user-friendly system. Following the successful launch and implementation of 'The Next Generation of OLP Connect (OLPC)' in 2016, we’re pleased to announce that we've updated our Protection Portal to make it quicker and easier for you to manage your application pipeline and to help your customers.

new for 2017

  • Protection Portal renamed to AGENTHUB
  • Enhanced pipeline management through the Progress section
  • Date range filtering available for dashboard
  • Simplified application tracking
  • New business ‘ready to start policy’ emails
  • Increasing cover letters

In our latest phase of OLPC improvements, the functionality has remained largely the same; however we have simplified the way you can access your client’s details and case information. These improvements are simply to make your life easier!

Pipeline Tracking

The first thing you’ll notice is that we’ve named the ‘home’ screen AGENTHUB – this is where you can centrally manage your Individual Protection business with us, and to support this we have developed our pipeline tracking:

  • We have added new Progress ‘widgets’, increasing the information displayed and enabling you to see the progress of your applications across each stage of the new business process.
  • In addition you can filter the whole Progress section by date range selection. 

Application Tracking

We’ve introduced a new Application Summary view within the application management section, providing a simplified view of current progress for a specified application. It makes it significantly easier to understand, at a glance, what stage your client’s application is at and what else is needed for the policy to be completed for each of the lives to be covered.

“Two clicks to find your clients’ apps” - One of the great benefits of this screen will be how it can be accessed - when a generic search returns a single AN reference result, we will take you straight to this page automatically, reducing the number of clicks/taps that it takes to find the information you need.

  • Clients’ information can be with you in a matter of seconds!

Creating new business ‘ready to start policy’ emails and increasing cover letters:

  • Digitising the New Business ‘Ready to Start Policy’ letters to emails.
  • Increasing Cover Letters - The existing cover letter will be replaced by an e-mail and notification. Customers can access ‘my account’ to review the proposed changes, and indicate whether they wish to proceed or reject the increase.

We will continue to develop OLPC as technology changes, and these latest enhancements have been implemented to simply improve you and your clients’ experience.

To find out more about these improvements click here to get access to our user guides, or view our video demo that takes you through the enhancements in real time.

At Legal & General we continue to lead the way in electronic medical reporting. We want to help you get more cases completed as quickly as possible, giving you and your clients the best possible application experience.

For more information please speak to your usual Legal & General contact.

OLP Connect gives you greater control and makes it easy for both you and your clients. Read more about the benefits of OLP connect.

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