Customer stories

View our real life customer stories below, or take a look at our animated guides to find out how our Lifetime Mortgages work.

Real life stories

From repaying existing mortgage balances to home improvements and helping family, the following real life videos show how our Lifetime Mortgages have made a difference for some of our customers and their families.

Nigel and Jenny clearing interest-only mortgage

A lifetime mortgage helped Nigel and Jenny clear their interest-only mortgage.

Robin and Yvonne

A lifetime mortgage meant they could stay in an area they loved, close to their friends and family.


Using a lifetime mortgage to release equity from her home, means Pam can continue to do the things she loves in retirement.

Gill and Jim

Releasing the equity in their home, meant they could help their granddaughter with the deposit for her first home.


Jim and Gill’s granddaughter tells her story of how their lifetime mortgage helped buy her first home.