Annuity calculator.

You can use our annuity rates calculator to get a quick idea of the level of income we could offer you from our Pension Annuity based on the size of your pension fund (after any tax-free cash has been paid).

You can also use this pension annuity calculator to see how adding different options such as an increasing income, a guaranteed minimum payment period or spouse's pension can affect your income.

Simply provide a few basic details including your age and fund size, and then click on 'Calculate my annuity income'. Your income will initially be based on the payment options that provide you with the highest income but you can experiment with different options by selecting any of the alternative choices shown and clicking 'Update my annuity'.

Our annuity calculator is for guidance only and the incomes shown aren't guaranteed. We may be able to offer you more income (than indicated by our calculator) when you call us on 0800 197 0731 for your quote, if you have qualifying health risks or medical conditions. These are our enhanced annuity rates.

You will need to have Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer in order to use our online annuity calculator. This calculator enables you to compare how different annuity options and payment choices affect the income available from your annuity.

Even common lifestyle health risks like smoking or being overweight could qualify you for extra income, so make sure you don't miss out on extra income if it's available. For your guaranteed annuity quote or to see if we could offer you extra income based on your health, please call our Annuity Solutions team on 0800 197 0731.

Alternatively, you may like to read more about our Pension Annuity options.

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