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When buying your pension annuity it pays to shop around for the best annuity rate. Each annuity provider offers different annuity rates and products and you could be missing out on extra income by taking the first offer from your pension provider.

To get a quick idea of our current annuity rates and the level of income we could offer you, try our popular online annuity calculator. It's simple to use, you can try adding different options and you don't need to register or provide us with personal information.

We can offer ‘standard’ pension annuity rates if you’re lucky enough to be in good health when you buy your annuity. We may be able to offer you extra income with our enhanced annuity, if you have one or more qualifying lifestyle health risks or if you have developed a more serious health condition(s).

When you call us for a personalised annuity quote, we’ll take you through your pension annuity options and provide you with a standard annuity quote over the phone before asking you a few simple questions about your health. This could enable us to provide you with a higher lifestyle quote there and then. It will also help us to identify more serious medical conditions, which could qualify you for an even bigger increase to your income.

We also have a range of postcode annuity rates for the UK, which when applied, could mean you’re offered more income from our Pension Annuity based on where you live.

Once you've bought your annuity, you can't change the options you've chosen and the buying power of your income could fall over time owing to the effect of inflation. The total pension income paid from your annuity could be less than the amount used to buy it.

Our Pension Annuity is available to buy from just £1,000, with a range of annuity options to suit your individual circumstances. We’re proud to be able to offer more people an income for life. Call us for your personalised annuity quote on 0800 048 1603. Call charges will vary. We may record and monitor calls.

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We may record and monitor calls. Call charges will vary.




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