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When you decide you want to access your pension pot, our products may help you to make the most of your money. This is an important decision to make and you must consider all of your options carefully.

Before you start, it is vital to remember you can choose from the full range of retirement products and options offered by all providers.

Legal & General does not currently offer a flexible income drawdown product on a non-advised basis. However, some Legal & General pension products offer a drawdown option. Please refer to your product documentation for further information.

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We strongly recommend that you seek guidance from the Government’s free and impartial service Pension Wise.


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Remember, it’s important to shop around and get as much guidance and advice as you need before you make any decisions on what is best for you.

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Our pension plans are a simple, tax efficient way to save for your retirement.

Making the most of your retirement

You’ve made it! Your working life as you know it has drawn to a close and you can finally enjoy the benefits of all those years of working and saving.