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Which survey do I need?

The type of survey you need depends largely on the property you are looking to purchase. If you are purchasing a house built after 1890, of standard construction and in good condition, Digital Home Surveyor the standard RICS level 2 survey would be a perfect match. However, if the house you are purchasing was built before than 1890, is in bad condition, has been significantly altered or has more than 4 bedrooms, then you would need the level 3 – building survey

It is important to consider which property survey is right for you and the property you are purchasing. The level and type of inspection you choose will determine how quickly you receive the survey, how much support you can expect from your surveyor, how intrusive the survey is and the level of detail in your report.

What are the main types of property surveys and what are the key differences?

Digital Home Survey (equivalent to a survey level two)

The Digital Home Survey is a digital and visual survey, exclusive to Legal & General. This type of survey is suitable for properties built after 1890, of standard construction and in reasonable condition. During the survey a RICS-qualified surveyor will check the property from top to bottom, inspecting the roof, walls, pipes, timber, and other aspects of the house making sure everything’s in order, while recording the inspection on an iPad.

You’ll receive a digital report straight to your computer or smartphone with issues graded on a traffic-light scale of importance, usually within 48 hours of the survey’s completion. Unlike other reports, the Digital Home Survey report is not sent via post, so there are no lengthy delays.

If any defects or issues are uncovered during the survey, you will be able to find tradespeople to cost any repairs directly from within the digital report. You can choose use trade quotes to renegotiate with the seller, should you wish to do so.

RICS Home Survey Level 2 

You should choose a RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) level 2 survey (previously known as HomeBuyer report) if you would like more extensive information when buying a conventional house, flat or bungalow, which is built from common building materials and is in reasonable condition, and you would like information and advice on construction, condition and repairs. However, unlike the Digital Home Survey, the level 2 survey report is not presented in a digital format and will not allow you to contact contractors from the report itself.

Similarly to the Digital Home Survey, the level 2 survey report uses a clear ‘traffic light’ ratings system to describe the condition rating of the property’s main features (such as glazing, roof, electrics, exterior..).

Building Survey (survey level three)

The building survey (also known as a structural survey) is the most expensive type of survey, but it provides greater detail about the structure and fabric of the property. This report is specifically designed for houses that were built before 1890, are in poor condition, have been significantly altered or are particularly large. You’ll also want to choose this option if you’re planning major works on a property.

A Building Survey includes a thorough inspection of the property by one of our partner RPSA’s surveyor, a paper-based detailed report on a wide range of issues, details of serious risks and dangerous conditions and an outline of repair options and the likely consequences of inactivity

What you’ll learn from your survey

Our surveyors work for you, not the mortgage lender, so you can trust their detailed report to fully equip you with everything you need to know before you commit to purchase.