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How pension saving works

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Saving into this pension is a simple, low cost and tax efficient way to save towards your future. 

  • Your plan is set up for you by Seventh Day Adventist.
  • You and Seventh Day Adventist pay in, and the government helps out in the form of tax relief.
  • The money that you and Seventh Day Adventist pay into your plan builds up your pension pot.
  • Your pension pot is invested in one or more of our investment funds.
  • The aim of an investment fund is to grow the value of your pension pot but this isn’t always guaranteed.
  • We invest your money responsibly and consider environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors in our investment process.
  • You can decide what to do with your money, and how you take it from age 55, whether or not you’ve stopped working.

To help you understand how your Seventh-Day Adventist Group Personal Pension Plan works, take a look at the Key Features document.

Are there any charges for your new plan?

There are some charges that you pay for your Seventh-Day Adventist Group Personal Pension Plan - the annual management charge (AMC) for administration of the pension and the fund management charge (FMC). Seventh Day Adventist should have let you know what these charges are.

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