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Document library

There are plenty of additional documents available to help you understand how your plan works, the benefits it offers, your options at retirement and much more. Click on the link below to open the document you need:

Member booklet

A summary of the scheme that aims to give you key information about your pension plan.

Member booklet - opens in new window pdf: 1500 kb
Nomination of beneficiary form

Simply log in to Manage Your Account and click on Nominate Beneficiaries.

CRSP Pensions Day Presentation

Understanding your Pension slides presented at the Pensions Day on 1 February 2024.

CRSP Pensions Day Presentation’ - opens in new window pdf: 6637 kb
Leaver Form

Complete this form to leave the scheme.

Leaver Form - opens in new window. pdf: 25 kb

Examples of what you might get from your plan in today’s terms and explain how charges, transaction costs and investment performance could impact your pension savings over time.

Scheme illustration pdf - opens in new window pdf: 132 kb
Your guide to how your funds are managed

This guide is designed for insured arrangements covering the WorkSave Pension Plan and WorkSave Mastertrust.

Your guide to how your funds are managed PDF - opens a new window pdf: 1111 kb
Fund Centre

Find  more detailed information about your funds such as up-to-date performance data and unit prices in our Fund Centre. 

If your plan has funds created especially for you, you can only view fund factsheets in Manage Your Account.

Auto enrolment guide

Explains what auto enrolment means, why you've been auto enrolled into the scheme and what your options are.

Auto enrolment guide pdf  - opens a new window pdf: 266 kb
Guide to transferring

Explains what to think about when deciding to transfer savings from other accounts to this one and how it works.

guide to transferring PDF - opens a new window pdf: 444 kb
Tax year rates and allowances guide

This covers allowances which apply to saving for retirement.

tax rates and allowances guide PDF - opens a new window pdf: 572 kb
Facilitated adviser charge guide

You may from time to time require professional financial advice to help you make the most of your savings. We offer you a way of paying your adviser directly from your pot, called a facilitated adviser charge. This guide explains how it works.

Facilitated adviser charge guide pdf - opens a new window pdf: 41 kb
Facilitated adviser charge application form

You should use this form if you want us to pay your adviser charges directly from your pension pot.

Facilitated adviser charge application form pdf - opens a new window pdf: 57 kb

Manage your account

Keeping up to date with your pension savings is easy with our online service, Manage Your Account.

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If you have any questions and want to talk to us about your pension plan, get in touch.

Planning tools

Our planning tools can help you manage your pension savings.