Contributions calculator 

What should you save today to help achieve the lifestyle you want tomorrow?

This calculator can help you work out how much you should save now to help achieve the sort of retirement you want later. In simple terms, to build up a pension pot that could help to provide the type of income you want when you retire you should consider investing as much as you can afford as early as you can. You'd be surprised how much of a difference it can make if you start saving for your retirement now rather than putting it off until later. 

Our contributions calculator will show you how saving today could improve your tomorrow.


Children's calculator

This calculator will help you understand how investing in a pension for your child now can give them a head start for tomorrow.

It's easier than you think to invest for your child, for instance you could consider investing any child benefit you receive. Any contributions you invest should qualify for pension tax relief from the Government, even if your child doesn't pay income tax. So for every £80 you contribute, £100 is actually invested into your child or grandchild's pension (this is based on the current basic rate of tax which is 20% - £80 divided by 0.80 = £100).

Please remember the following: 

-The value of tax relief depends on your child's individual circumstances and is subject to change.

-The value of the units that make up their pension pot can fall as well as rise, so the value of their pot is not guaranteed.

-The money you invest in a Stakeholder plan for your child is tied up until they are ready to take their benefits, which can be from age 55 onwards.

Try our children's calculator now to see how much you could invest for your child's future.