05 August 2021

What happens after buying a survey?

When buying a house, the prospect of getting a survey can be daunting. Homebuyers can find themselves unsure of the benefits and the process involved in having a survey completed on their potential new property. However, instructing a survey can offer peace of mind as to the condition and value of the property. According to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, the average cost of repairs on properties purchased without a survey was £5750.1


One potentially confusing issue for homebuyers is trying to decide which survey is right for them, as they can be completed with different levels of detail depending on if you have asked for a digital home buyer, Digital Home Survey, a standard Homebuyer report or a Building Survey.

A Homebuyer report is suited to most properties, as long as they are in reasonable condition, are fairly modern and haven’t had any renovation work done, but if the house you are purchasing has been newly converted, is of non-standard construction (such as poured concrete) or has obvious signs of damage you may need to opt for the slightly more expensive and thorough Building Survey. Our Digital Home Survey is similar to the Homebuyer report, but has extra features, such as the ability to review the report with the surveyor and receive quotes for necessary repairs directly from the Digital Home Survey. If you are still unsure which Survey is best for you, more specific information on the difference between surveys is available on our website and we also have a dedicated team available on the phone to talk you through the process step by step.

After you have contacted us and decided which survey you would like, we will take the address and details of the property you are purchasing. From here we will contact the seller of the property you are purchasing within 24 hours and arrange a date to visit the property, which we aim to do within 2 weeks. If you have opted for a Digital Home Survey a confirmation email is sent to you at each stage of the process to keep you up to date and our surveyor will contact you before they visit the property to make note of any specific concerns you may have.

On the evening before the survey, we will send a reminder to the seller with a confirmation of the time our surveyor will be at the property, they will then visit the property on the appointment date and complete a thorough inspection. At the property the surveyor will perform an internal check for issues such as damp, structural movement, roof structure or floors and walls, followed by an external inspection of chimneys, gutters and main walls. If any issues are found they will be noted in your report, along with recommendations for repairs and the potential consequences of not having them completed.

Once the survey is complete, you will receive the completed report in around 5 to 7 days via email, or within 48 hours, directly to your smartphone with images included if you have opted for our Digital Home Survey. The survey will allow you make a more informed decision on how to proceed with your purchase, as you are armed with the knowledge and advice of a qualified professional surveyor. The whole report, along with images, will be available to view directly from your smart phone. You will also be able to contact us after for further support with your survey.

If you are ready to book your survey get a quote today!

[1] 3 Ways RICS Home Surveys Pay for Themselves | Property blog (rightmove.co.uk)