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Pension Attention

Our mission is to get the nation talking about their pensions. After all, your pension pots are money from your hard work, for your future.

That's why we’re proud to sponsor the Pay Your Pension Some Attention Campaign, to encourage people to ask questions, make connections and think about future intentions.

And don’t just take our word for it! Grime rapper Big Zuu is asking you to get involved as well Watch Zuu getting to grips with the #PensionAttention challenge – 24 hours to write, produce and record a track about the important role your pension plays in your future. Big Zuu says: "It's such an important topic, and I know this will get people’s attention."

Answer all your pensions questions and boost your Pensions Awareness – here you’ll find info on all the pensions basics, live shows, FAQs and videos on the Pensions Awareness Week website.

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With the uncertainty of the last 18 months, it’s been hard to think more than one day ahead, let alone plan for the future. But with so many financial challenges facing all of us, we’ve realised it’s more important than ever to take care of ourselves and open up to those closest to us.

That’s why throughout Talk Money Week (7-11 November) we’re encouraging everyone to talk about their finances. If you’re concerned during these uncertain times, we’ve got a range of materials to help you find your way.

Why not grab yourself a cuppa and take a look now.

Your pension allows you to gradually save some of your hard-earned cash while you work, so that you have money to draw on later in life.

Register now for Manage Your Account so you can check-in on what’s yours, and see how it’s getting on. Registration should only take a few minutes. You'll need your account number which you can find on letters or emails we've sent you.

And don’t forget, there’s lots of free, impartial guidance available from MoneyHelper, provided by the government’s Money and Pensions Service. Check out their pension pages or call 0800 011 3797.