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How your pension is invested

Unless you chose otherwise, or the Trustees wrote to you to confirm an alternative, your fund were invested in the default investment option set by the Trustee(s).

The default investment option for Smiths Industries Pension Scheme is the L&G (Multi-Asset) Cash Lifestyle. The L&G (Multi-Asset) Cash Lifestyle factsheet provides information about the aims.

Although it’s considered an appropriate choice for most members, the default investment option doesn’t take into account your personal circumstances or future plans. With this in mind, given that you can make your own investment decisions, it’s worth considering whether it’s currently the right place for your pension savings to be invested.

If you think you want to make your own investment decisions, visit Your guide to investing for the things you need to consider.

Responsible Investing

Responsible investing involves considering environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues when making investment decisions and influencing positive change in the companies and assets invested in. Find out how a responsible investing approach is used for pensions on our ESG Hub.

Your guide to investing

Some of the things to think about, should you decide you want to make your own investment decisions.

Manage your account

Keeping up to date with your pension savings is easy with our online service, Manage Your Account.