If you choose to add a spouse or partner's pension to your annuity, their health issues can be taken into account when seeing if you qualify for our enhanced rates (income).

Enhanced annuities.

three generations together

If you have been diagnosed with one or more medical conditions or lifestyle health risks, we may be able to offer you enhanced rates on our Pension Annuity. This could mean you get extra income each year.

If you qualify for enhanced rates, you will have the same options as you would from our standard Pension Annuity. The only exception being that you will not be able to choose for your income to increase in line with the Retail Prices Index. 

Our enhanced Pension Annuity could pay you more pension income if you have developed one or more medical conditions. The more serious your condition(s) the more we may be able to offer you.

There are a number of potentially qualifying medical conditions. You can speak to a representative or complete a health questionnaire to provide us with information about your condition(s) and we may contact your doctor before deciding on what level of income we can offer you.

We can also offer extra pension income based on common lifestyle health risks and can give you an instant quote over the phone. 

You could qualify if you’re a smoker or have been diagnosed with high blood pressure, or you're overweight or underweight. The more serious your risk(s), the more income we may be able to offer you.

The income we offer you will be based on your health and lifestyle health risks at the time you buy your annuity and we won't be able to offer you more income at a later date if your health deteriorates or your lifestyle health risks change. 

Health information
It's important that you provide us with accurate answers to lifestyle health and medical questions to ensure that you're paid the right income. We may request a report from your doctor and if this doesn't support the information you have provided to us, then your income may be reduced and at worst, you may receive our lowest standard annuity rate. We'll then recover any overpaid amounts from you.

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