Scheme members are supported by a range of online tools that are optimised for use on all types of device. They make it easy for employees to get started, manage their pension contributions, and make informed ongoing decisions regarding their pension. These tools include:

  1. Convenient online account management facility

    Manage Your Account is an online pension administration service designed to make it simple for employees to manage their workplace pension. It enables scheme members to:

    • View their own investments and switch between funds
    • Access our ‘favourite funds’ feature (allowing employees to select funds that are of interest and save them to their profile)
    • Change where their money is invested
    • View and request pension benefit statements
    • Access retirement planning and attitude to risk tools
    • Video tutorials to help with retirement planning
  2. Attitude to risk tool

    One key element of making informed investment decisions is establishing an ‘attitude to risk’. Our tool helps employees understand what level of investment risk they are prepared to take in exchange for potential investment returns by helping them:

    • Assess how they view investment risk
    • Consider their capacity for loss
    • Understand the risk profiles of investment options available to them
  3. Retirement planning tool

    Our retirement planning tool lets employees experiment with the different variables of pension investing – contribution levels, retirement age and investment choices - and compare their retirement options. They can see the income they might expect to receive depending on factors such as how much they save and how long they save for, the performance of their investments, and how they choose to take their benefits when they decide to access their savings. They can also get an idea of the cash lump sums and income that might be generated by the different options such as annuity, income drawdown or taking a cash lump sum.

  4. Online enrolment management

    Our ‘WorkSave Choice’ is an online enrolment management service which enables members to:

    • View and amend their details
    • Find out more about their pension and investment options
    • Opt out if they wish to leave the scheme
    • Interact directly with us (which saves employers time)
  5. Budgeting tools

    Our handy cash finder tool is designed to show members how cutting down on non-essential items could free up some extra cash to boost their pension savings. We have also designed an additional budgeting tool that helps members consider how much they’ll need to cover their expenses in retirement.