15 April 2020

What would your funeral song be?

That was the question we asked a number of people – which song would you like to be played at your funeral? We found that not only had most of them thought about it, but they had a very definite idea of what they’d like people to hear. You can see some of their answers here, ranging from classics to some more unexpected choices.


What would your funeral song be?

Have you thought about it?

Like the people in the videos, you may also have considered what music you’d like played at your funeral. But have you given any further thought to the subject – for instance, how much your funeral may cost, and how it might be paid for. The amount can be quite shocking, with the overall average total cost for funerals in the UK in 2019 coming out at £4,2021.

Help pay towards your funeral costs

One simple option to help towards those costs is over 50s life insurance. Our Over 50s Fixed Life Insurance allows you to choose a premium that suits you, with premiums starting from £5 a month, depending on your age. It can provide you with peace of mind that you can leave a cash sum to your loved ones to help contribute towards your funeral costs, unpaid bills or even to enjoy as a small gift when you’re gone.

1Independent research by Matter Communications on behalf of Dignity in 2019.

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