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Core funds

This page shows the funds available to you. You can choose to invest your pension savings in any of the funds listed below.

This page shows the range of core funds your Cancer Research UK has selected for you.

Each fund has been given a risk rating from one to seven (1 the lowest risk to 7 the highest risk). It’s important you understand all the risks before making any investment decision Our guide to risk and reward will help.

Fund specific risks

In the table of funds, there are one or more numbers listed against each fund. Each number relates to a risk associated with that fund, and there is a description of these further down the page.


Each fund has a fund management charge (FMC), which is made up of the investment management charge (IMC) plus additional expenses (AE) *AE can vary throughout the year.

In addition to the charges for investing your contributions, there is also an Annual Management Charge (AMC).

Investment funds available

To find out more about each fund (including performance, risks and charges) click on the fund name. You can also click on each column header to help you group investment funds together e.g. by ABI sector.

Please note the data in this table was last updated on 22 April 2024

Fund risk rating category Fund name Fund code ABI sector Fund specific risks IMC AE FMC
5 L&G PMC International 3 B2N3 Global Equities 1, 5, 6a, 22, 39, 62 0.30% 0.00% 0.30%
4 L&G PMC Fixed Interest 3 B9M3 UK Gilts 2, 3, 6a, 39, 62 0.09% 0.00% 0.09%
5 L&G PMC Index-Linked Gilt 3 B1N3 UK Index-linked Gilts 2, 3, 6a, 23, 39, 62 0.09% 0.00% 0.09%
6 L&G PMC Aegon Ethical Equity 3 B2M3 UK All Companies 1, 6a, 8, 15, 39, 62 0.52% 0.02% 0.54%

Lifestyle profiles available

The following lifestyle profile are available:

To find out more about these lifestyle profiles, click on the links above. You’ll see fact sheets that describe whether the lifestyle profile is designed for those who want to take their pension savings in one of the following ways at retirement:

  • Cash
  • An income (referred to as flexi-access drawdown or income drawdown)
  • A guaranteed lifetime income (known as an annuity)
  • A flexible outcome (suitable for people who don’t yet know how they plan to take their retirement benefits, or who plan to take their retirement benefits in a variety of different ways)

You’ll also see information about the funds each lifestyle profile invests in and their advantages and disadvantages.

Fund specific risks

Each number relates to a risk associated with that fund, and this section contains descriptions of those risks.

There are some numbers missing from this list. Although Legal & General applies these risks to a range of funds, only the risks that might apply to the funds in this guide are shown in this list.

Changing where your pension savings are invested

You can change where your pension savings are invested at any time: Log in to Manage Your Account. You can see the different funds and change the way your pension savings are invested.

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