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Planning your retirement

If you’re at this stage in your retirement planning, it’s likely that you’re thinking about taking your money fairly soon. If you’re still deciding, here are some things to consider:

  • Do you have enough to fund the lifestyle you want in retirement?
  • How much longer do you want to work?
  • If you do want to keep working, can you afford to leave your Lifestyle Account where it is and benefit from some more money going into it from you and the company?
  • Could you look at phasing your retirement? You may be able to take some of your savings now and continue to work part-time.
  • Have you considered how the state pension and other savings will contribute towards your income?

You have plenty of options available so that you can take your savings in the best way possible for you. Now’s the time to decide when you might want to do that, and how.

Ready to make a choice

If you’re ready to take your money and you’ve decided which option or options you want to take, you can get in touch by contacting the helpline on 0345 678 0297 and they will send you a maturity pack outlining the next steps.

You should think about what your income will be in retirement.

Find out about the state pension, where you can go for more information and how much you might get when you reach your state pension age.

We now live longer than ever before so your savings may need to last longer than you think.

You may realise that you’re not ready to retire yet. Find out what to do if your retirement plans change.

How your loved ones will be affected if you die depends on the option you chose at the point you accessed your money.

Our planning tools can help you manage your Lifestyle Account.