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Flexible contributions

The Trustees and the company recognise that finding the money to save is not always easy and so alternative contribution levels are available if you don't feel able to pay the standard 5% contribution:

  • Half Rate member: If you pay 2.5% the company will pay half of the employer age related contribution into your Lifestyle Account.
  • Non-contributory member: You are not required to contribute and the company will pay 2.5% into your Lifestyle Account, irrespective of your age.

To change the level of your contributions, please complete the Contribution change form.

If you reduce the level of your contributions then this will result in your Lifestyle Account being worth less. You can use the Retirement Planner within Manage Your Account to see how these changes might reduce the value of your Lifestyle Account in the future.

Contribution change form

If you would like to change your contribution level.

Members' Guide

For a summary of the Plan and more detail about your Lifestyle Account.

Manage Your Account

Keeping up to date with your Lifestyle Account is easy with our online service, Manage Your Account.