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Independent Governance Committee

Keeping you to up to date with news and information about your Legal & General pension scheme.

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We've seen significant movements in stock markets and other investments around the world. It's understandable to be concerned about your investments. However, pensions are a long-term investment and history suggests that after markets go down, they will typically go back up again at some point. If you would like to know more, visit our response hub to see what this could mean for you and your savings.

Dedicated to you and your pension 

We're the Independent Governance Committee (IGC), and our job is to make sure the money in your Legal & General pension scheme is safe and being well-managed.

With a wealth of experience in the pensions industry, we, the IGC members, are well placed to protect your scheme.

We’ve put this website in place so that we can communicate easily with our members and share details of our activity, future plans, events and documentation.

The IGC are delighted to present the latest newsletter.

If you missed it last year, you can view our annual member forum here.

Our 2021 Annual Report.

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We’re committed to protecting your pension.

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