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Welcome to our annual report

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The IGC’s role is to ensure the money in your pension is safe and being well managed and we work with Legal & General to ensure your pension offers good value for money. We're delighted to share the progress made in 2021.

Joanne Segars

We are pleased to report that our view is that members are receiving good value for money, rising to excellent in some areas.

Joanne Segars

Independent Chair of the IGC

Our assessment covers the period from 1 January 2021 to 31 December 2021:

Annual Report for year ending 31 December 2021

Charges, costs, illustrations and performance for year ending 31 December 2021

Our assessment - at a glance

In assessing ‘value for money’ we consider whether you’re getting a good deal by reviewing eight different aspects of the scheme. You can see a summary of those aspects and our scores below. You can read more about how we assess value for money and why we’ve given each score in the report, by clicking on each section title.

Value for money category

We consider:

Our assessment of the value you receive is

The suitability of the fund you are invested in if you haven’t chosen your own fund, and the range of funds available if you want to make your own fund choice. 


The returns of the funds your pension contributions are invested in. 


All transactional aspects of your pension’s administration, for example, setting up contributions, or the payment of your pension benefits. 

Acceptable, with areas for improvement 

That the costs and charges for your pension remain competitive and offer good value for money. 


That you receive clear, high-quality communications and have a range of tools available to help with your retirement planning. 


The choice you have in how you take your pension benefits and that you have the right tools to support you in making informed decisions. 


Responsible investing and how this affects the way your pension is invested. 


If the right investment choices are in place for members.  


Cost of living

As we publish this report, we recognise that an unprecedented set of circumstances is having a real impact on finances and that members are extremely concerned about the effects of inflation on their cost of living. Legal & General has introduced a response hub where you can find out more about some of these issues in relation to your pension savings and where to get help.


The IGC welcomes questions or feedback from members. If you have any questions, or would like to share feedback, please contact us. Your message will come straight through to the IGC members.