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What it means for your workplace pension


In these difficult times, we believe it’s important to stay calm and not rush important financial decisions.

The spread of COVID-19 has contributed to a significant fall in share prices and other investments which has meant, for many people, a reduction in the value of their pension pot.

Volatility can be expected for some time to come and this can be worrying, especially for less experienced investors. However, investments such as pensions are considered long term and history suggests that, after markets go down, they will go back up again at some point.

You can be sure that our fund managers will continue to work with their team of economists, strategists and analysts and continue to manage our funds in line with their stated aims and objectives. However, everyone’s circumstances are different, and if you’re unsure how to proceed in these difficult times, you might like to get professional financial advice. If you haven’t got a financial adviser, you can find a list of advisers at

Help to stay safe from scams

The current situation has led to an increased risk of scams and fraud. Scams are often smart, sophisticated and hard to spot so we've put together some information to help you protect yourself. See how you can protect yourself from fraud. For additional information, please see our Q&A 'How can I stay safe from scams?'

It has become necessary to make some temporary adjustments to some of our funds in order to make sure that members investing in them are treated fairly. 

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And finally…

COVID-19 is having a far-reaching effect on individuals, communities and businesses.

It’s understandable to be concerned about your investments but we would recommend that pension savers remain calm, make informed decisions according to their personal circumstances and, if they are unsure how to proceed, consider getting professional financial advice. If you haven’t got a financial adviser, you can find a list of advisers at

We've also produced a quick guide to protecting your mental and financial wellbeing in uncertain times and some suggestions on adapting to your new ‘normal’ and what to do if you’re not.

Thank you for saving with Legal & General.

If you’re struggling to cope with life in lockdown, we’ve looked at some of the support that’s available.

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