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Getting on with life in a changeable world

Whatever’s going on in your world right now, it’s important to remember that your workplace pension is a key part of planning for a financial future that will help you to make the most of your tomorrows.

The spread of COVID-19 initially contributed to a lot of uncertainty in the financial markets but while we should expect continuing ups and downs in the times ahead, there are signs that economies are adjusting. History shows that time and again, markets recover from all sorts of circumstances, so it’s important to not make rash financial decisions in the heat of the moment about long-term investments.  

At Legal & General, we’re in your corner and you can be sure that our fund managers are continuing to work with their teams of economists, strategists and analysts to manage your savings as well as they can. Meanwhile, if you feel you’d also benefit from professional financial advice in these changeable times, you can find an adviser local to you at Advisers usually charge for their services.

From keeping track of your investments to finding out how current market trends might affect your savings, you’ll find helpful information here.

Find out what protection might be available if you believe your pension has been mismanaged and learn how to protect yourself from scams.

Understand more about your rights if you’re being made redundant or furloughed, and what the options are for your pension plan.

You’ll find information here on stopping or pausing pension contributions, updating your beneficiaries, the effect of market conditions on pension transfers and taking retirement.

How is COVID-19 affecting your pension fund and what measures has Legal & General put in place to manage the impact on your investments? Find out here.

Mental health can suffer for all sorts of reasons. Find out what help may be available to support you or someone you care about.


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