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Investing your Lifestyle Account

When you first join the Plan your contributions are invested in the Default Investment Strategy – this is known as the Target Drawdown Strategy and is one of the 3 Automatic Switching Strategies operated by the Plan.

The sections below are designed to help you decide whether the Target Drawdown Strategy is right for you. For many members it will be but of course we’re not all the same.

If you decide that the Target Drawdown Strategy isn’t right for you then there are a number of alternative investment options available. You can start to learn about your investment options in the sections below and further detail is provided in the Investment Guide.

You can find out more about the different types of investments available to you.

It’s important to understand the relationship between risk and reward and what it means to you.

Some of the things you should be thinking about when making your own choices.

Our planning tools can help you manage your Lifestyle Account.